'Foster a Mindset for Reunification & Conflict Resolution Management'™


    DRA Consulting Services staff provides coaching to individuals, groups and business teams to produce accelerated growth and organizational change in their personal and professional lives. Our staff believes in challenges and making the change you desire-that will produce the next level of success in reaching your goals.  Our organization climate is working with clients to address wants and needs for change; whether this is in the areas of performance management, team-building, career changes, development or inspiring to be a leader. With a team collaboration approach, we are sensitive to cultural concerns in the workplace and can meet those individual/business needs. Our style of coaching based on respect, values and needs of our clients; with an agenda to address strengths, passions, mission, values, goals and needs originating from the client. The coaching process helps with producing successful outcomes to enhance productivity and meet your goal in the leadership role.  The leadership coaching process identifies: key objectives, assessment, setting goals, examining barriers and developing action steps and planning.