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Individual and Teams:  Use of Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator Tool 

The Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI) is a research tool based from Carl Jung’s theory of psychology type. MBTI is a tool that give results and proven success to be used for Individuals & Teams that provide the following:

  • Creating framework for strengthen management skills and self-awareness
  • Exploring further about leadership, teambuilding and relationship development
  • Identifying stressor and management tools

During the Coaching Process, the use of Myers Briggs assessment tool is used to examine the functioning of productivity, understand differences, value of diversity and increasing productivity.
Working with your DRA Coach, the client will review description to determine initial type and discuss the impact of how you operate at work.  Benefits of MBTI tool creates discussion in the following:

Leadership Development

  • Understanding of strength and areas to grow
  • Understanding of how individual operate on teams
  • Understanding of stress and how to navigate


Career Development

  • Impact of type on choose career path
  • Increase satisfaction with present career choice
  • Identity other options for career transitions


Myers Briggs Assessment covers core areas that affect Individual and Teams:
Communication, Teambuilding, Leadership, Change, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management.

The MBTI tool is an on-line assessment for our clients and with follow up sessions with a coach to review your 18 page assessment. MBTI results are confidential and will only be shared with others after receiving expressed permission from the client.