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What is Coaching?
Coaching is working with individuals or teams to maximize their personal performance and/or produce growth and change in their personal and professional lives.
It is an interactive relationship where the coach uses actively listening and asking questions to elicit goals setting, strategies and solutions from clients.

Instead of offering expert advice -consulting or speaking from a broad experience -mentoring, the coaching process maximizes accountability, personal proactive-responsibility by acknowledging you as the foremost expert on your company and your life. The coaching relationship is designed to maximize the abilities of a leader, and provides the professional tools, advocacy and support needed to do so.

Coaches move beyond surface conversation by listening on an entirely different level. We use assessments, tools and conversational techniques to help you identify the core leadership or corporate issues you face, and help you creative strategies to address them. Coaching exercises can help you create new ideas, think new thoughts, and develop actionable strategies to pursue them. We provide follow-up to keep you aligned with those important objectives and keep your focus on track to reach your goals.